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February, 2011:

Mexican Decor: more is more

I had an affinity for Mexican-themed decor at an early age, judging by this clay taco I just unearthed from my box of “Julie’s Elementary/Junior High School Stuff”.

One may wonder why I did not pursue my indisputable, God-given artistic talents instead of silly engineering.

For anyone wondering– no, this is not a rabbit poo taco. Those small brown pellets are obviously ground beef, accompanied by orange shredded cheese, thin pieces of green lettuce, and hearty cubes of tomatoes. (Please note that I was also way ahead of the curve on the whole “stand-n-stuff” taco shell concept.)

One might think that with this clay taco, the Mexican decor quota has been filled for our townhouse. Clearly you don’t have a sense of my enthusiasm for a good theme. Ever since John shot down my idea of a meatthemed bathroom a few years back, I have been yearning for some other way to liven up at least one of the four bathrooms we have in our townhouse. (As they say– rich in bathrooms, poor in square footage.) His resolve seemed to falter upon our return from Mexico City as we tried to distribute all our new acquisitions throughout our distinctly non-latino-feel home, and I somehow managed to convince him that a lucha libre-themed bathroom was a good idea. (He really brought it on himself by choosing a rust-orange Earthen Jug paint color for the half bath that simply screamed, “Transport me to Mexico!!”)

Before John could reflect any further, up went the plaster lucha heads & the Wrestle Pets:

Who doesn't like the feeling of being watched while you're using the bathroom?

And the lucha mirror:

"There are men who fight."

And the agave plant that even I can’t kill:

This agave is simply thriving in our half bathroom. The lack of sunlight does not appear to have bothered it.

I know, you are silently judging me right now. But let he who does not have a fish or nautical-themed bathroom cast the first stone. :)

I will, however, admit to being a bit overdue in taking down our “Back from Mexico” celebratory decor, but I’ve rather enjoyed the feeling of a constant fiesta in our living room.

Don't these papel picados liven up an otherwise borderline-classy living room?

In case you’re having trouble reading my homemade banner, here’s a close up:

It's only a matter of time before every party store is awash in these.

For those who aren’t fans of a little gallows humor, perhaps you will instead appreciate my Mexican recipe research (which counts as decor because it’s still hanging on the cupboard door in our kitchen). I realized how many of our favorite Mexican dishes we never actually made in Mexico, since great food was so cheap & readily available at amazing restaurants across D.F.  It took some effort to assess appropriate salsa & sangrita recipes, and many thanks to Lesley for several tips.

Consider a selection of these for your next Mexican-themed gathering! Our optimized sangrita recipe is in the middle column of the right-hand page in black, created after reflecting on the 5 recipes on the left. :)

And finally, some of my favorite more-subtle purchases found a home on the wall above the piano. We quite liked these lacquered photos from Michelle Westholm that provide some great snippets of Mexican life.

You can almost smell those pollos roasting...

What do you think– is it time to take down the papel picados? Should I start a business selling snarky party banners?? Does the phrase “half bath” by definition mean that it is too small to fit a life-sized mannequin wearing a Santo costume??? đŸ˜‰

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