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I am excited to have the opportunity to continue working with the Mexico Today program in 2012!  (You may recall my post on this from last year.)  We have even more great contributors involved this time around, and there are a whole host of ways for you to keep track of what’s new and exciting in Mexico these days.

In other news, my first post for Mexico Today this summer is up on the site here: http://mexicotoday.org/article/exploring-mexico-city-foodie-tour-coyoac%C3%A0n!  If you’ll be in Mexico City anytime in the future, I outlined a great self-led food tour in Coyoacan that we did with almost all visitors that we had in town.  You start at Tostadas Coyoacan with some amazing fresh seafood tostadas, get a dessert coffee (café de olla) at Cafe El Jarocho, dip a sugary churro in it, and then wash it all down with some mezcal! You’ll find all the details + directions in my post above. Even if your Spanish isn’t great, you should be fine as long as you’re able to translate the types of tostadas on the menu! (But even that is pretty easy, since you order with a sheet of paper, kind of like a sushi restaurant.)

Here are a few more of the great articles that my fellow contributors & the Mexico Today PR team have shared lately that may be of interest to y’all!

Thanks for staying with me & you’ll hear more updates soon!

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  1. ellecancun says:

    YAY, that’s awesome!!

    I’m so sad as I was asked last year, but had a very ill family member and I couldn’t commit.

    Can’t wait to read some more of your articles :)

  2. Hey! I think I have visited your blog before but happy to have found it again and looking forward to looking through all the Mexico and especially Mexico City related stuff. I live in DF and recently finished a project to visit the surrounds of every metro station and document my findings with images and impressions, you might be interested..


    It was also featured on Mexico Today which I saw you are involved with – http://mexicotoday.org/article/peter-davies-discovers-culture-mexico-mexico-city-metro

    Alright, all the best, great blog!!

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