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January 2011:

Two-plus years later, my time in Mexico City has come to an end. I am now residing back in Arlington, Virginia, just over the river from the other Distrito– the District of Columbia. As I still have reams of unshared photos from our time in Mexico, the blog will continue for as long as I have Mexico-related snippets to share.

For those of you looking for the short answer to questions like, “So how was living in Mexico City? Did you feel safe??”, we had an amazing experience. Between John and I, we visited 22 of Mexico’s 31 states. We explored all over DF. We ingested more street tacos, churros & agua de jamaica than could possibly be healthy. We were not victims of any crimes or acts of violence, despite being unable to blend in less. We learned to love mariachi music, as well as mezcal before it became trendy in the U.S. (just wait). I finished my Global MBA as valedictorian and with more cross-cultural learnings than I could have ever imagined. We had nearly 30 friends and family come visit us. We celebrated 200 years of Mexican independence, and enjoyed it just as much as celebrating the lives of Mexico’s workhorse– the burro.

Now our pseudo-vacation has ended, and I am on the hunt for a job back in the DC Metro area. John is back to work at the State Department, where he no longer gets US *and* Mexican holidays off. Our new goal is to embrace DC and become as good unpaid/unofficial Tourism Board members as we were for DF + everything within an 8-hour driving radius of it. :) Your suggestions are welcomed!!


July 2008:

After 17 years spent growing up in Grand Island, Nebraska, I knew there was more to Mexican food than what Amigos had to offer. (As crystalized by the “Yankee Burritos” once offered in Amigos’ kids meals, consisting of a hot dog & melted cheese wrapped in a tortilla.)  Working for a Texas company temporarily helped me get closer to the holy grail. But it became even further out of reach when my job shilling semiconductors took me to Boston, and then a boy + semiconductors took me to Washington D.C.

A few months before our wedding overseas, the boy said to me, “My work can take us to Mexico City; shall we go?” “Does a bear sh*t in the woods?” I replied. And so we’ve arrived, newlyweds of 2 months, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to make our mark on the D.F and experience its food. This blog will chart my experiences as an Embassy spouse, a Thunderbird Global MBA student, an expat woman, a Mexican culinary novice, a gringa. Wish me luck, or as the case may be, buena suerte.

Mexico City blogger & resident

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  2. FunGringo says:

    I was googling and searching for spanish speaking wingman in mexico and stumbled across your 2010 article, sad to hear your not there anymore, can you refer me to a wingman or tour guide that understands the function of a wingman?

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