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Happy Holidays from Midwesterner in Virginia

A belated Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all from me & John here in Arlington, Virginia!  Thanks so much for continuing to visit this blog & offer your comments. I love hearing from everyone who has Mexico questions, anecdotes, & tips to share. We interspersed some Mexico into 2011’s Annual Baking of the Cranberry […]

Is the word “exposé” overly dramatic for a post about avocado prices in Arlington, VA?

Two of the highlights of life in Mexico City that we were the most sad to leave behind were 1) the amazing array of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat available to us at incredibly reasonable prices, and 2) the new world of fantastic Mexican food that we’d discovered (vastly unlike what we’d been exposed to […]

Happy Halloween!

A very Happy Halloween to all those here in the US this evening! Today marks our official re-entry into Normal Life 2.0, as we arrived this evening back to Arlington, Virginia after 2 years and 3 months living in Mexico City. We’ve been on a 2700+ mile road trip starting in Denver, Colorado on October […]

Visit to Boston: 1st day highlights

I scheduled a trip many moons ago to finally get back to Boston  (where I lived from 2002-2006) to visit friends & hang around for Patriots’ Day, better known as the day of the Boston Marathon! I flew out of Mexico City on Wednesday at 9AM & got in last nite. Here are a few […]

A tasty Christmas-y appetizer…

First off, a caveat: this is not a remotely Mexican recipe.  But it does fit the bill for blog-inclusion by being Midwestern. And more importantly, it is a gooooood recipe, probably because it is endowed with the hallmarks of Midwestern cooking: dairy, dairy, and more dairy, with the occasional smattering of vegetables well-disguised by cheese. The illustrious Pizza Dip has […]

A Taste of Mexico in Grand Island, Nebraska

After wrapping up my 3rd semester of MBA final exams this past weekend, I was up bright and early Monday morning to fly to Nebraska for a visit home! Continental Airlines won a few bonus points in my book via a) the ability to reserve exit-row seats online 24 hours in advance (thanks to bro […]

Final Wedding Flashback: the big day

Let us cut back once more to a little over one year ago, to the big day in Glasgow when Julie & John officially became “The Talls”. (Official wedding day blogging delayed by higher priority anniversary vaca + subsequent MBA class prep…) The day before the wedding, we suggested a day trip to Edinburgh to […]

Flashback to Wedding Week in Scotland, Part 2

We tried to reenact the scene from Titanic as the boat pulled out of the harbor on Loch Lomond… Let us continue on our Mexico detour begun yesterday with our ambitious bus trip into the Scottish countryside! As part of of dragging our family & friends over to Glasgow for our wedding, we wanted to make sure […]

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

…to bring you a flashback to one year ago today in Scotland! I realized that I never really shared many of the pics from our wedding in Glasgow or the pre-wedding-week activities, so I thought we’d take a quick departure from Mexico across the pond over to Scotland! First, the precursors: John’s Bachelor Party in Washington DC, […]


So we saw him!! Eeeee! Know that I sacrificed the chance for a handshake in favor of “The President is only 4 feet away!!!” photo attempts, realizing that the memory of a handshake would be less effectively conveyed via a blog. 😉  John almost managed to get a hand in, but was foiled at the […]

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