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Membership has its privileges…

…and finally tomorrow, I will get to experience one of those priviledges. Membership in what, you may ask? In the Spouses of US Embassy Employees club. Mind you, this is not an official club. Or really even an unofficial club. If it were, I would envision its membership requirements being something like: an inability to […]

Makes a Nebraskan feel right at home…

My parents are visiting Mexico this week from Nebraska. To help them adjust, we found this slowly-moving cow herd on the road outside our B&B in Malinalco. Mexico can always be counted upon for the random herd of livestock to help make a Nebraska farm boy feel like he never left… I’m pretty sure rural […]

Back to Nebraska for Christmas!!

This past Saturday, John & I were alternatingly excited to return to the States to visit our family, and depressed to be leaving 72F weather for impending snow & windchills of -30F below zero. After another magical sub-30 minute trip to the airport at 7:30AM, we confirmed that American Airlines is the least organized airline at […]

Turkey Day in Mexico City: Sunny & 75°F

To add to my list of “firsts” here in Mexico, I can now add “having Thanksgiving Dinner outdoors by a pool in 75-degree weather”.  This may not be novel to those of you in warmer climes, but for those of us whose past Thanksgiving celebrations have been limited almost exclusively to states north of the Mason-Dixon line, […]

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