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And now for something completely different…

Many thanks to any regular readers out there who have been patient with my month-long absence!! I assure you postings should return to some modicum of regularity moving forward. This month has been a hectic one, diving back into my 3rd semester of my MBA program (virtually HALFWAY DONE!!!) as well as surviving 2 major [...]

Good Power Tools Know No Borders

As you walk amongst Mexico City’s innumerable markets/stores/carts/stalls/street vendors, one occasionally gets the slight, nagging impression that some of the products you are seeing are knock offs…  The source of many of these items is often a mystery.
In my previous life (a.k.a. 6 months ago), one of the customers I worked with was Black [...]

If Judas Priest falls in a forest and no one hears them, do they still exist?

Tonight during my business trip to Guadalajara, I discovered that one of my coworkers has been hiding his knowledge of über-trendy spots in GDL (by instead allowing us to end up repeatedly at Karne Garibaldi which, while it has amazing food, is arguably less “trendy” and more “cafeteria-esque”).  So after a ~10 hour staff meeting [...]

A new Spanish student’s worst nightmare…but no longer mine!

I have to share a couple brief anecdotes from my new employee orientation these past two days in Aguascalientes. But first, I must comment on how friendly everyone that I have met was. Everyone has been extremely kind, helpful, and patient with mi espanol. One highlight was the tour they gave me of the innards of our [...]

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