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Baby Midwesterner!

Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted… Primarily, a new arrival to the Midwesterner family!¬† Please welcome Paige. While it gives me heartburn that Paige will not actually be a Midwesterner, we know she will be one in heart & spirit. ūüėȬ† And we’re already getting her acclimated to the spirit of Mexico […]

Are you a Mexico fan? Tell us about it & win $500!

Have you ever been sitting at your computer, paging through this blog, and thought to yourself, “You know, Julie is not the only one with stories to tell about Mexico…. I too have lots of witty/touching/inspiring/riveting things to share about this country! When will I be given the chance to share my stories about Mexico??” […]

Mexico Today!

My friends & family can confirm that I rarely pass up the chance to promote all-things-Mexico. Whether it be travel, food, drink, people, glassware, professional wrestling– you name it and I can probably spend an hour of your time raving about it. (Well, maybe everything except the chapulines. While I have sampled the crispy critters, […]

The Burros are Back!!

Some things are so important to alert my readers to that I have to emerge from my 2-month blog hibernation to do so.¬†¬†Any guesses what could possibly make that exclusive priority list? The Feria Nacional del Burro, of course!! For any readers who had the misfortune of missing my live coverage from the National Donkey […]

1st Taco & Mariachi Festival in Plaza Garibaldi!

Alert to any Chilangos and/or Mexico City visitors during the week of September 3-12, 2010: two of my favorite things (tacos & mariachis) are being celebrated in yet another Mexican festival!!¬† (Lest anyone forget how successful the LAST festival was that I recommended, please feel free to revisit my Burro Festival recap.) I am hoping […]

Mao and Me

What, did you think I *wasn’t* going to get a photo of me in an ironic t-shirt in front of the Forbidden City in Beijing? It seems a bit unrealistic, don’t you think? ūüėČ Thanks once again to Threadless.com & the Communist Party. Note the dour, gray, smoggy sky in photo above… Never though I […]

Hello from China!

Despite what you may think, a lot has happened since BurroFest ’10. First off, I am DONE WITH MY LAST FINAL EXAM EVER!! This past Friday & Saturday (May 8-9) brought about the last weekend of my 2-year, bi-weekly MBA program, with 3 long-awaited final exams. I still owe y’all a snapshot of what an […]

The Mexican winter of 2010

Our friends & family up north (like my parents currently experiencing -29F/-34C windchills in Grand Island, Nebraska) are sure to appreciate the latest weather developments¬†from Mexico City. I was slightly amused tonight (Thursday) reading tense articles on www.reforma.com about the impending weather doom expected to hit the city ASAP. Apparently Mexico City is expecting RECORD […]

And now for something completely different…

Many thanks to any regular readers out there who have been patient with my month-long absence!! I assure you postings should return to some modicum of regularity moving forward. This month has been a hectic one, diving back into my 3rd semester of my MBA program (virtually HALFWAY DONE!!!) as well as surviving 2 major […]

Important world news from Mexico City’s finest, Publimetro

A new¬†interruption from my wedding-reminiscing… I came across this pressing news article from Mexico City’s esteemed (??) free daily newspaper, Publimetro, on Friday. It was excellent fodder for a wee chat with my taxi driver as we sat in standstill traffic due to the stupid route he chose. He simply could not believe that they […]

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