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German names don’t go well in Spanish

John & I are rather sad to be leaving Mexico City after an amazing 2 years and 3 months. I have been trying to look on the bright side & think of things that we will not miss about Mexico. It isn’t going very well, because the best thing I’ve thought of so far is: […]

Learn Mexico City slang on your iPhone!

Have you been promising yourself that you would spend some time to learn more Spanish before visiting Mexico City, but you just haven’t gotten around to those Rosetta Stone CDs ? Have you been living in DF for a few years but still have no idea what your taxi drivers are saying while they’re talking […]

Tasty Capsu

Sometimes one comes across something in Spanish that makes me feel better about my language abilities, because it reminds me that on occasion, Mexicans have trouble with Spanish too. And maybe also trouble with colors. Reference the below photo snapped by one of my eagle-eyed MBA classmates this weekend, as seen on the table of […]

The Spanish Wingman

Of all the unique things experienced by visitors to Mexico City, I’ve found that our US-based guests are most surprised that English is not spoken more prevalently here. I think there’s a general assumption among Americans that everyone in Mexico is dying to move to the USA and hence is furiously learning English. Point of […]

Breaking my radio silence after a trip to Europe!

Crap! I think this is a new land-speed-record for Length of Time I’ve Gone Without a Riveting Blog Post! I am sure many of you have been sobbing into your chilaquiles as you have rigorously checked this page each morning only to be rewarded with OLD POSTS YOU’VE ALREADY READ (or didn’t care about in the […]

Never try to give a Chilean advice about spicy food…

…when you speak Spanish like a 5-year-old. One of my good friends from my MBA program is originally from Chile, and recently moved from Mexico City to Kentucky due to a change with her husband’s job. (Now THAT would be a “cultural differences” blog I would LOVE to read!!) Since we no longer get to spend hours in […]

Your own…personal…taxista…

I have a regular taxista who I call to get a ride home on days that I work out of the office. Her name is Guadalupe, and she is a lovely, middle-aged Mexican with a son who lives in Cancun. She became my go-to taxista after I broke up with my prior taxista, Carlos, when […]

Land Speed Record for…serving meat

Tonight in Guadalajara, I visited the Guinness World Record holder for the “fastest service in the world”. I was not overly impressed by this concept prior to entering Karne Garibaldi, but I must say, as soon as we sat down, I was excited by the flurry of food that emerged. One possible reason for their speed in service is their somewhat […]

A new Spanish student’s worst nightmare…but no longer mine!

I have to share a couple brief anecdotes from my new employee orientation these past two days in Aguascalientes. But first, I must comment on how friendly everyone that I have met was. Everyone has been extremely kind, helpful, and patient with mi espanol. One highlight was the tour they gave me of the innards of our […]

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