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Questionable Ladder Usage…

Now, I’m not saying that this guy isn’t a highly-trained professional… ….I’m just not saying that he is…. Anyone in Mexico City offering review courses on ladder operation? Perhaps something like, “Slanted Ladders: Which Side is Your Friend?” P.S. Bicentenario pics coming soon to a blog near you!! Honest!!

Now who’s more dangerous: Mexico City vs. Omaha, Nebraska

I flew from Mexico City back to Omaha, Nebraska rather unexpectedly on Thursday. One might reasonably assume that Omaha (epitome of the good ol’ Midwest with a population of around 830,000+ in the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area) would be vastly safer than Mexico City (capital of narco-landia with a population of 23,000,000+). Imagine my surprise […]

Motorcycle Helmet FAIL

I feel someone needs to have a chat with the man on this motorcycle regarding “how helmets work.” True, the fact that he even has one with him puts him above many motorcycle drivers here in Mexico City… but now if he would just read the user’s manual…

Pig Flu Mexico City Day 6: in which we decide to eat lots of Bacon

As we close out Day 6 of Mexican Swine Flu Mania, it appears this virus has no intent of leaving the country quietly. A smattering of recent developments for anyone living under a rock: The World Health Organization has raised the pandemic alert level to phase 5 on a scale of 6, meaning there is “sustained […]

Crazy Pig Flu vs. Mexico City: Day 4

As we wrap up Day 4 of Crazy Pig Flu vs. Mexico City and beyond, all is still well here on the Southern front. I have essentially not left our apartment building since Friday night, not so much out of fear as a lack of anywhere to go. As per all of the news, much […]


So we saw him!! Eeeee! Know that I sacrificed the chance for a handshake in favor of “The President is only 4 feet away!!!” photo attempts, realizing that the memory of a handshake would be less effectively conveyed via a blog. 😉  John almost managed to get a hand in, but was foiled at the […]

“Am I going to be a victim of violence in México?” Take this simple quiz to find out!

As most of my fellow Mexico blogs have addressed recently, the news coverage around security in Mexico has reached fever pitch in the last few months. A flurry of articles in the US press is sending everyone into a panic, which is only amplified by so-called experts busily spreading fear regardless of facts. Some people […]

Various Forms of Security in México

Security personnel are incredibly pervasive throughout México, but we’ve seen a few incarnations in the last couple months that strike me as particularly amusing.  

Election Night 2008: Expected Highs and Shocking Lows

Tonight John & I had the honor to witness one of the most hotly contested elections in our limited political lives, while attending the US Embassy Election Night Party in Mexico City.  Quite the interesting experience. The excitement surrounding the big Obama win was somewhat marred by the news early in the evening of a […]

When security companies show off

Properties in our neighborhood here in Mexico City are heavily secured, to say the least. Almost all have high walls/gates of some sort. Many have manned guard shacks or at least a guard window. The more innovative have decorative borders of electric fences, concertina wire, or shards of glass bottles/etc. jabbed into cement on the […]

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