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Our First Christmas Posada in Mexico City

One of the many Mexican Christmas traditions I’m missing while back in the US this year is the posada. The season of posadas began on Friday, December 16th– nine days before Christmas.  When we lived in Mexico City, this marked both a time of holiday joy & grinchy anger, because of the sharp uptick in […]

Sancocho: the most impressive meat stew ever

One of my MBA class friends here in Mexico City is married to a woman from the Dominican Republic. For Rodolfo’s birthday last year, his wife made an amazing Dominican creation known as Sancocho de las Siete Carnes. John and I were invited to the Gran Sancochada (as apparently one calls the event at which […]

Radio Silence!

Wow, it’s been a solid 2 weeks since I’ve managed to share any riveting, witty stories with my loyal blog readers. But I have a good excuse! Upon return from my 15 days in China, I spent a couple nites in Mexico City & then was off on a plane again to Phoenix, Arizona. Off […]

A Visit to the Great Wall!

My time in Beijing has come to end (note: 3 days ago, but the blogging is a little delayed, folks). I am (was) typing this offline while sitting in the Beijing airport, with the distinction of being the earliest passenger to arrive for my 8AM flight. I’m unclear if the guy at my hotel has […]

Hello from China!

Despite what you may think, a lot has happened since BurroFest ’10. First off, I am DONE WITH MY LAST FINAL EXAM EVER!! This past Friday & Saturday (May 8-9) brought about the last weekend of my 2-year, bi-weekly MBA program, with 3 long-awaited final exams. I still owe y’all a snapshot of what an […]

World Cup Stickers: the latest trend where I’m out of the loop

There has been a frenzy of activity in my MBA class this morning (my LAST MBA CLASS WEEKEND ever, FYI! All that remains is final exams + a week in Phoenix. Praise be.).  You might assume the activity is focused on final exam prep, but you’d be wrong. Instead, there has been a burst of […]

Tasty Capsu

Sometimes one comes across something in Spanish that makes me feel better about my language abilities, because it reminds me that on occasion, Mexicans have trouble with Spanish too. And maybe also trouble with colors. Reference the below photo snapped by one of my eagle-eyed MBA classmates this weekend, as seen on the table of […]

Who doesn’t like a good milestone like 100 blog posts?

Well kids, today marks the inauspicious milestone of the 100th blog post here at www.midwesternerinmexico.com. I am celebrating it with a wild Saturday night alone on my couch here in Mexico City, recovering from 3 final exams in one weekend & drinking a bottle of Chianti while watching possibly the dumbest movie known to man, […]

And now for something completely different…

Many thanks to any regular readers out there who have been patient with my month-long absence!! I assure you postings should return to some modicum of regularity moving forward. This month has been a hectic one, diving back into my 3rd semester of my MBA program (virtually HALFWAY DONE!!!) as well as surviving 2 major […]

Chinese Government: Not a fan of Mexicans nor swine flu

Day 12 of Swine Flu not-quite-as-much Frenzy. John & I returned this afternoon from a fantastic get-away from the hub of the furor, with 2 nights in San Miguel de Allende and 2 more in Guanajuato. (Check out the article I wrote for Inside Mexico regarding our escape here!)  Expect a run-down on our trip […]

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