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Malinalco with the visiting Nebraskans

My parents from Nebraska came for a visit last month, so we decided to show them some of rural Mexico in addition to the Big Taco, D.F.  We spent a couple nights in Malinalco, located roughly 40 miles south-ish of Toluca or 60 miles (but ~2 hours) from Polanco in Mexico City. Malinalco is a […]

Avoid a Reverse Mullet in Mexico City

Reading my friend Lesley’s post today that mentioned a recent crap haircut reminded me to share a secret gem with any local ladies in my blog audience. After 2 years in DC, I finally found a hairstylist I was happy with who charged reasonable prices (~$40) AND understood the fine balance between cutting-vs.-talking (visit Bubbles Salon at the Pentagon […]

Makes a Nebraskan feel right at home…

My parents are visiting Mexico this week from Nebraska. To help them adjust, we found this slowly-moving cow herd on the road outside our B&B in Malinalco. Mexico can always be counted upon for the random herd of livestock to help make a Nebraska farm boy feel like he never left… I’m pretty sure rural […]

Animal Highlights of México, Part 1

The plethora of unique animals here never fails to entertain me, so thought I’d share a few photo highlights of critters (or representations thereof) we’ve encountered over the last 7 months here in Mexico City and beyond!!

Mercado de Jamaica– the flower market of Mexico City

This Sunday afternoon, we decided to go for a exploration of the wholesale flower market of Mexico City, Mercado de Jamaica. This massive market is apparently *the* place for purchasing flowers for basically all flower vendors in Mexico City and for locals looking for fresh, gorgeous, bargain-priced flowers. We decided to go here with John’s dad […]

Mexico’s Monarch Migration: bazillions of butterflies

This weekend, John & I took advantage of the Friday I had off of work in honor of el Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe to drive to Michoacán to see the annual monarch butterfly migration! In a nutshell, millions of butterflies migrate from the US & Canada each year starting in November to spend […]

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