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Chinese Government: Not a fan of Mexicans nor swine flu

Day 12 of Swine Flu not-quite-as-much Frenzy. John & I returned this afternoon from a fantastic get-away from the hub of the furor, with 2 nights in San Miguel de Allende and 2 more in Guanajuato. (Check out the article I wrote for Inside Mexico regarding our escape here!)  Expect a run-down on our trip […]

Pig Flu Mexico City Day 6: in which we decide to eat lots of Bacon

As we close out Day 6 of Mexican Swine Flu Mania, it appears this virus has no intent of leaving the country quietly. A smattering of recent developments for anyone living under a rock: The World Health Organization has raised the pandemic alert level to phase 5 on a scale of 6, meaning there is “sustained […]

Crazy Pig Flu vs. Mexico City: Day 4

As we wrap up Day 4 of Crazy Pig Flu vs. Mexico City and beyond, all is still well here on the Southern front. I have essentially not left our apartment building since Friday night, not so much out of fear as a lack of anywhere to go. As per all of the news, much […]

Luchadores in the Fight Against Swine Flu

This photo of up-and-coming luchador El Matador protecting two of his young, swine-flu-avoiding fans made my day today. Join El Matador’s fan club on Facebook to be kept in the loop on all his crazy shenanigans!! Now that I may have more free time thanks to finally FINISHING MY 2nd TERM MBA FINALS today, also […]

If the druglords don’t get ya, the flu might…

In late-breaking news from here at my dining-room table Financial Accounting 12:30AM study session, there is a chance my final exam scheduled for today (Friday) may be cancelled due to a flu outbreak in Mexico City & surrounding areas. El Universal just reported that the Secretaries of Health & Public Education have decided to cancel […]

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