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Zihuatanejo: our last beach trip in Mexico

I sense your sympathy may be limited when I tell you that today is the last day of our LAST Mexican beach vacation, and it’s raining. We’ve truly been spoiled with all the amazing travel opportunities during our 2.25 years here in Mexico, but nonetheless we wanted to jam in one last trip to a […]

Sluggy McSluggerson recounts some Mexico Highlights!

Ok, so I’ve been a slug. Every now and then, I like to do a blog post outlining all the riveting topics I’ve been meaning to write about, promise you that I will actually write about them, and then never execute on this.  Which sucks, because we have been some really amazing places in Mexico […]

Acapulco– Mexican Independence Day Wknd Part 2

Sunday morning Sept 14, John, Robyn and I rolled into our fancy-pants hotel in Acapulco, Las Brisas. Although we probably didn’t *need* to stay in one of the top 3 hotels in Acapulco, this was our last hurrah before I started work and after all, one never knows when one will get back to Acapulco! So we […]

Taxco, home of silver galore!

Having officially lived in Mexico City for a whopping seven weeks, we decided it was time for our first excursion into the countryside. Much internet-searching & advice-gathering lead us to Taxco, a former silver mining town of ~50,000 people located about 2.5 hours to the south of D.F. Originally founded by the Aztecs, this town […]

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