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A taste of Yelapa…

Apologies for the delinquency in beach photo uploads!! We have a couple friends visiting this week, so we have been busy with a flurry of taco-eating, pyramid-visiting, tequila-drinking, lucha-watching, bullfight-attending, etc. For an added bonus, one of the visitors (college friend James) is taller than us, which has provided an exciting chance for me to […]

¡Feliz Navidad!

Well kids, we decided to forego the trip home to the Midwest this Christmas. This is now seeming quite fortuitous, given the crazy snowstorms that have been popping up all over the States this week & last. Nebraska is apparently scheduled to get heavy snow for the next 3 days, which you can view live […]

Mexico Shopping Spree

John and I are not what one might call “interior design visionaries”. We’ve been living in Mexico for about 16 months now, and we’ve spent many a weekend wandering through various markets, stores, tianguis, etc., assessing the wares on display but unable to make any big decisions…  I think we suffer from an overly analytical mindset + a […]

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