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The Burros are Back!!

Some things are so important to alert my readers to that I have to emerge from my 2-month blog hibernation to do so.  Any guesses what could possibly make that exclusive priority list? The Feria Nacional del Burro, of course!! For any readers who had the misfortune of missing my live coverage from the National Donkey […]

What is the Best Festival EVER in Mexico? Ask the burros!!

Let me start by saying: Feria Nacional del Burro 2010 *exceeded* our expectations. Get ready for some heavy photo coverage, folks. As I mentioned on Thursday, I’d gotten wind of this Burro Festival on Twitter, and after seeing how witty their website was, I had no choice but to go. Besides, having a fond place […]

No Weekend Plans? How about the BURRO FESTIVAL??!?

Trying to keep up with the young hipsters of today, I created a Twitter account several months back & vaguely monitor my fellow “Twitteros” (as they are called here in Mexico). While parsing through Twitter’s mountain of 140-character data bursts is truly a “diamond in the rough” kind of situation, every now and then I […]

Malinalco with the visiting Nebraskans

My parents from Nebraska came for a visit last month, so we decided to show them some of rural Mexico in addition to the Big Taco, D.F.  We spent a couple nights in Malinalco, located roughly 40 miles south-ish of Toluca or 60 miles (but ~2 hours) from Polanco in Mexico City. Malinalco is a […]

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