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Visiting the Alebrije Hotspot of Oaxaca

One of my favorite parts of my trip my recent Oaxaca trip via Mexico Today turned out to be the visit we made to the small town of San Martín Tilcajete. When John & I visited Oaxaca back in 2009, we’d heard from friends about all the little villages specializing in various handicrafts that are […]

The Fields of Oaxaca

I believe it was a famous photographer who once said, “Some of the best photos this world has seen were taken from small, fogged-up airplane windows while flying over the state of Oaxaca.” Even if that’s not true, I’m still going to subject you to a photo I snapped on our descent into the OAX […]

Sluggy McSluggerson recounts some Mexico Highlights!

Ok, so I’ve been a slug. Every now and then, I like to do a blog post outlining all the riveting topics I’ve been meaning to write about, promise you that I will actually write about them, and then never execute on this.  Which sucks, because we have been some really amazing places in Mexico […]

The multi-purpose trucks of Mexico…

A glimpse of the varied trucks encountered last week on our drive to Oaxaca City… #1) Crazy-piled green onion transporter. This truck was traveling at 60+ mph on the toll road between Mexico City & Puebla. I have no idea how you stack green onions 6-feet high in a way that prevents them from being […]

This 4th of July announcement sponsored by Mexico’s Communist Party

Happy 4th of July to all those Americans who, like us, are beyond the borders this year & therefore forced to celebrate US independence in a fireworks-free zone. We *narrowly* escaped having to celebrate in an alcohol-free zone as well, due to the tomorrow’s mid-term elections here in Mexico. As explained on Burro Hall, Mexico institutes […]

Delicate Oaxacan bathrooms…

To celebrate my end-of-job + John’s 3-day weekend, we decided to make the 6-hour drive down to Oaxaca City in the state of Oaxaca for the weekend. We will definitely have more insightful comments to add, but for the moment wanted to share this gem of a poster found in the baño of the seemingly oft-gringo-frequented Café […]

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