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Our First Christmas Posada in Mexico City

One of the many Mexican Christmas traditions I’m missing while back in the US this year is the posada. The season of posadas began on Friday, December 16th– nine days before Christmas.  When we lived in Mexico City, this marked both a time of holiday joy & grinchy anger, because of the sharp uptick in […]

What’s happening this December in Mexico City?

December in Mexico City is jam-packed with opportunities for celebration, highlighted by the Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe on Dec 12, posadas, office parties, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, just to name a few.  I found during our time in DF that the Mexico City goverment (a.k.a. “GDF”– Gobierno del Distrito Federal) really gets […]

A taste of Yelapa…

Apologies for the delinquency in beach photo uploads!! We have a couple friends visiting this week, so we have been busy with a flurry of taco-eating, pyramid-visiting, tequila-drinking, lucha-watching, bullfight-attending, etc. For an added bonus, one of the visitors (college friend James) is taller than us, which has provided an exciting chance for me to […]

¡Feliz Navidad!

Well kids, we decided to forego the trip home to the Midwest this Christmas. This is now seeming quite fortuitous, given the crazy snowstorms that have been popping up all over the States this week & last. Nebraska is apparently scheduled to get heavy snow for the next 3 days, which you can view live […]

Christmas Fun with Orphans

A quick guest-post by John.  If you follow Julie’s blog, you no doubt saw me featured as Uncle Sam for the Embassy’s election night party.  A total sucker, I was quickly convinced to dress up as Santa for the Ambassador’s annual orphan Christmas party.  About 150 kids from a number of orphanages attended, and it was really touching […]

Back to Nebraska for Christmas!!

This past Saturday, John & I were alternatingly excited to return to the States to visit our family, and depressed to be leaving 72F weather for impending snow & windchills of -30F below zero. After another magical sub-30 minute trip to the airport at 7:30AM, we confirmed that American Airlines is the least organized airline at […]

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