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Condesa & Roma: the trendy neighborhoods of Mexico City

Please check out my latest article up on the Mexico Today website– http://mexicotoday.org/article/condesa-roma-trendy-neighborhoods-mexico-city!  This month I’m recounting some of the highlights of our favorite colonias in DF– Condesa and Roma, located just east of Chapultepec Park. Some of the hyperlinks to the businesses I mentioned didn’t come through on the Mexico Today page, so I’m […]

Unique shopping & snacking in DF

I’ve never been a big fan of cookie-cutter, chain restaurants/shops (except in a pinch), so I am always excited to find a unique, locally-owned spot to spend my pennies (or pesos in this case). God knows there are zillions of non-chain options in Mexico City, but here are a few of the more amusing selections I’ve […]

Dining in Condesa: know thy strengths

Today was John’s birthday, so I ambitiously decided to make chilaquiles, only the best Mexican breakfast food ever. It is basically crispy, fried pieces of corn tortillas doused in a tasty salsa verde (tomatillos, onion, garlic, cilantro, serrano peppers) & cooked briefly until the chips soften a bit. Mix in some shredded chicken, top with optional […]

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