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Shopping in the Mexico City Airport

As many of you regular readers may have gathered by this point, there are few things I love more than products with a Mexican theme and kitschy shops for hipsters. When these worlds combine, good things happen. I certainly didn’t expect to find this combo inside the Mexico City airport. But as I wandered through […]

The Burros are Back!!

Some things are so important to alert my readers to that I have to emerge from my 2-month blog hibernation to do so.  Any guesses what could possibly make that exclusive priority list? The Feria Nacional del Burro, of course!! For any readers who had the misfortune of missing my live coverage from the National Donkey […]

Mezcalerias vs. Home Depot on a Friday night…

I hope to do a more reflective “my time in Mexico & how things are different here, etc. etc.” post in the near future. But for the moment, I wanted to share a snippet that really sums it up for me personally: Average Friday Night in Mexico City: get online find address for hip new […]

Mexican food I’ve not yet tried…

As seen at Bar La Estacion across the street from Arena Mexico (the lucha libre venue): You’ll see a few common Mexican snacks listed (in varying degrees of spelling accuracy) in the white lettering. But peruse on down to that 4th line of white text. Pene en su jugo. For any non-Spanish speakers, that means […]

Mexico City Airport- Terminal 1 Meeting Point

After 30 minutes spent on the innerwebs trying to find an answer to this question, I thought I would share it with any other impending Mexico City airport visitors. (Consider it a follow-up to my “Navigating the Mexico City Airport ” post from last year.) If you are trying to either go pick someone up […]

Tunnel art in DF: does it soothe or scare?

We went to Mercado Ciudadela yesterday evening to do a bit of Christmas shopping (FYI, it seems to closes by about 7PM). Good spot for both locals or tourists wishing to find a solid selection of Mexican handicrafts at reasonable prices (and for any visitors lacking in Spanish, several vendors speak enough English to answer questions you may […]

Good steaky-beef in Mexico City

I am not a huge steak eater, but every now and then, a big slab of meat sounds like the perfect way to create both a food-induced coma & feelings of regret over not wearing one’s “fat pants” out to eat. Conveniently, John is an avid beef fan, and has gone through the burden (?) […]

Who doesn’t like a good milestone like 100 blog posts?

Well kids, today marks the inauspicious milestone of the 100th blog post here at www.midwesternerinmexico.com. I am celebrating it with a wild Saturday night alone on my couch here in Mexico City, recovering from 3 final exams in one weekend & drinking a bottle of Chianti while watching possibly the dumbest movie known to man, […]

A Mariachi-filled Night Out in Plaza Garibaldi

You may have heard of Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City, best known as the local hub of mariachi action. I posted back in March about our visit there after the Cantina Crawl, but I thought I’d follow up with a bit more detail on how to spend a night out in Garibaldi (for those suspicious […]

El Chopo: Mexico City’s goth/metal/ska/punk mercado!

Last week my boss tipped me off to TWO new Mexico City markets with which I was previously unfamiliar: Tianguis Cultural del Chopo, a Saturday-only market dedicated towards all things rock/alternative/punk/ska/goth/weed/hippie Centro Artesanal Buenavista, “La Tienda Mas Grande del Pais con 100,000 articulos finos en 24,000 mts2″ (The largest store in the country with 100,000 fine […]

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