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A race to the finish: our final days in Mexico City!

One year ago last weekend, John & I were on our way to the Mexico City airport for the flight that would end our 2+ year experience as chilangos. All our worldly possessions were packed, all our kitschy souvenirs had been purchased, all the tacos al pastor that one person should ingest in a one-month […]

Mexico Shopping Spree

John and I are not what one might call “interior design visionaries”. We’ve been living in Mexico for about 16 months now, and we’ve spent many a weekend wandering through various markets, stores, tianguis, etc., assessing the wares on display but unable to make any big decisions…  I think we suffer from an overly analytical mindset + a […]

Best kid-friendly Halloween decor

My mom is down for a visit this week, so I was excited that she would be able to see some of the Dia de los Muertos action here in Mexico. We had a successful trip down to Coyoacan today in search of ofrendas (pics to come!), but I first wanted to quickly share this gem of […]

Mercado de Jamaica– the flower market of Mexico City

This Sunday afternoon, we decided to go for a exploration of the wholesale flower market of Mexico City, Mercado de Jamaica. This massive market is apparently *the* place for purchasing flowers for basically all flower vendors in Mexico City and for locals looking for fresh, gorgeous, bargain-priced flowers. We decided to go here with John’s dad […]

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