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Mezcalerias vs. Home Depot on a Friday night…

I hope to do a more reflective “my time in Mexico & how things are different here, etc. etc.” post in the near future. But for the moment, I wanted to share a snippet that really sums it up for me personally:

Average Friday Night in Mexico City:

  • get online
  • find address for hip new mezcalería/taquería/trendy bar/tasty restaurant in Condesa/Roma dripping with hipsters
  • gather together with MBA/Embassy/blogger/other random friends
  • head out for fun night
  • think to self, “This is great; I can’t believe we get to live here for two years.”

My Friday Night Tonight in Arlington, Virginia:

  • get online
  • find hours of operation for Home Depot
  • gather together my documentation for the lamp/faucet/towel rack/toilet paper holder I special ordered
  • head to Home Depot
  • think to self, “This is great, I can’t believe Home Depot is open until 10PM on a Friday.”


I’m not necessarily saying our lives are duller here, but let’s just say that finding this toilet on the street in DC was pretty much the wackiest photo opp I’ve had in the last month.

A toilet on the sidewalk probably wouldn't even merit a second glance in DF. :)

But I do have hope! I had my first street tacos last week from District Taco‘s cart set up in our Ballston neighborhood; they were solid, with tasty salsa verde. We discovered a restaurant/bar that sells mezcal (albeit for $14 a shot). I went to a craft show & found blugrn design, who sells paper products with lucha libre imagery (two of my favorite things). I’ve been practicing my Spanish with the guys from Bolivia who’ve been helping us with some home improvements. We haven’t moved back into our townhouse yet, but once we do, I think we’ll organize a belated posada to get our social lives moving again. And of course, my job hunt continues (any hot DC-area leads are welcome!). :)

So we’re making progress. Next on our list? Checking out whether the Washington Post food critic is a reputable source for advice on authentic Mexican tacos

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