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New Trendy Wine Store in Polanco: Bacus

A cute little wine store recently opened up about a block from our apartment in Polanco. It’s called Bacus, and this is their 3rd site so far in Mexico City (other two in Del Valle and Satelite). Knowing that having a wine source so close could cause problems for both our budget + my level […]

Flores de Calabaza (aka Squash Blossoms)

On almost every trip to the mercados or grocery stores here in Mexico, I find myself admiring the flores de calabaza, a.k.a. squash blossoms. Not being a fan of actual squash, I consider these guys by far the best thing to emerge from the squash family: I never got around to actually buying them due […]

Newsflash: free water at restaurant in Polanco!

Living in the fancy-pants neighborhood of Polanco in Mexico City, we see loads of overpriced, trendy restaurants where the food tends to be sub-par. There are a few diamonds in the rough, but it is rare you can escape lunch (much less dinner) with a bill of <$200 pesos at any of the see-and-be-seen joints. These are […]

Unique shopping & snacking in DF

I’ve never been a big fan of cookie-cutter, chain restaurants/shops (except in a pinch), so I am always excited to find a unique, locally-owned spot to spend my pennies (or pesos in this case). God knows there are zillions of non-chain options in Mexico City, but here are a few of the more amusing selections I’ve […]

Internet is probably more important than basic utilities anyway

As spotted in Parque Lincoln in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City: This is part of DF’s new marketing campaign: Mexico City: We can’t promise you potable, running water, but we can promise that you’ll be able to download a video of a hot chick drinking a glass of water online.”


So we saw him!! Eeeee! Know that I sacrificed the chance for a handshake in favor of “The President is only 4 feet away!!!” photo attempts, realizing that the memory of a handshake would be less effectively conveyed via a blog. 😉  John almost managed to get a hand in, but was foiled at the […]

The many, the not-so-proud: the Kickdogs of Polanco

My husband long ago added the term “kickdog” to our daily vocabulary to refer to any dog who might be more efficiently moved across a room by kicking it rather than waiting for its 400 mincing steps to get it there on its own. (For the record, I have never seen John kick a dog. […]

Avoid a Reverse Mullet in Mexico City

Reading my friend Lesley’s post today that mentioned a recent crap haircut reminded me to share a secret gem with any local ladies in my blog audience. After 2 years in DC, I finally found a hairstylist I was happy with who charged reasonable prices (~$40) AND understood the fine balance between cutting-vs.-talking (visit Bubbles Salon at the Pentagon […]

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