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Musical guilty pleasures

Much like in the US, if you go out to enough bars/clubs/restaurant or listen to enough radio in Mexico City, you will hear the same popular songs 8 million times. Some you will come to loathe & each encounter will feel like a thousand music notes stabbing your eardrum. Perhaps one or two will be a legitimate classic that will live on past this 6 month period, possibly in the annals of Mexico’s karaoke bars.

And then there are the songs you know you really shouldn’t like, but somehow latch on to your subconscious & won’t let go. You might not actively profess to your friends that you love these songs (except possibly under the influence of tequila), but you will:

  1. know all the lyrics (or at least the lyrics as you interpret them) & sing along cheerily
  2. shout “OMG! We have to go dance to this one!” every time the song comes on in a dance-y venue.

One day, you will give in to the siren call of these songs, go onto iTunes & pay good money to download them, so you can hear them even MORE frequently. I reached this stage yesterday with two regulars on the Mexico City music scene as of late (or better put, regulars within my musical bubble in Mexico City– I am sure some chilangos may argue the inclusion of these two gems). :)

I tracked down their respective videos on YouTube to share with you. Having watched both videos, I am now even dumber than after just listening to the lyrics alone. If I can offer any advice that might help you judge me less, it is: listen to these videos with your eyes closed.

Song 1: I Know You Want Me
Artist: Pitbull
Video Summary: In this video, a not-overly-attractive man wearing dark glasses stands around making light sexual innuendos with his eyes/arms/words. Meanwhile, several busty, scantily-clad women, who seem only marginally interested in the task at hand, stand in place- moving their hips & other “assets” while shifting their weight from one leg to the other. Some of them appear to have lost a battle with a tub of glitter, and one is wearing her “Sexy Flight Attendant” costume from Halloween 2007.

Song 2: Celos
Artist: Fanny Lu
Video Summary: Fanny Lu has been transformed into the size of King Kong, thereby making it easier to scamper around a miniaturized city while stalking her boyfriend (or perhaps just some random dude she’s going all “Fatal Attraction” on). While doing this, she is wearing a white tank top thinly veiled as an actual dress. She also repeatedly demonstrates a horrible dance wherein you stick your arms straight out (like you might be pushing a low grocery cart) & wiggle them/your hips back and forth.  (You might have to watch a commercial first on this one; apologies.)

As you can see, my cultural acclimation is reaching new peaks. 😉

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