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Sparkling Wineries in Querétaro: Viva Freixenet!

I’ve shared before how I’m a sucker for well-branded tourism, so Querétaro’s efforts to promote their wine & cheese “route” certainly did not fall on deaf ears during my time in México. Even before we made our trip to Finca Vai for some cheese tasting, we drove from Mexico City to the same area in […]

Cheese Tourism in Mexico: a visit to Finca Vai

Cheese and dairy products in general are one of my favorite things to eat. So when I learned via Querétaro’s robust tourism board of a nearby farm that combined cheese-making with a barnyard animal petting zoo, it seemed like a no-brainer.  The fact that it was basically a simulated visit to the Midwest was just […]

Photo highlights from Querétaro State

A post with the relevant details of our trip to Querétaro, Tequisquiapan, & the Freixenet Winery will be forthcoming, but for now the behind-in-her-readings MBA student can only be bothered to post a few of the random photo highlights of our 3 day trip to the state of Querétaro….    

We are one with Street Food Vendors of Querétaro

We felt obligated to take advantage of both of us having New Year’s Day 2009 off from work, and so parlayed it into a 2-night stay in Querétaro, a town of ~1.6 million people located two hours northwest of Mexico City. Our recent string of luck continued, as we happened upon yet another holiday festival– the town […]

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