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Back to Mexico City!!

This past year has been a struggle for me & John to readjust from the “every other weekend = a 3-day+ vacation to a beach, jungle, colonial town or archaeological site” schedule that we got accustomed to living in Mexico City. (Yes, I can almost feel your waves of sympathy washing over me.)   So after […]

Las Jirafas y la Mula in Santa Maria la Ribera

Back in December, John, friend Susan & I went on a long overdue visit to one of Mexico City’s up-and-coming neighborhoods, Santa Maria la Ribera. (Read as: no Starbucks yet) For additional colonia commentary, check out SMlR resident Jesus Chairez’s blog, or Lesley’s post re. her visit.  There are several cute little spots, like the […]

Newsflash: free water at restaurant in Polanco!

Living in the fancy-pants neighborhood of Polanco in Mexico City, we see loads of overpriced, trendy restaurants where the food tends to be sub-par. There are a few diamonds in the rough, but it is rare you can escape lunch (much less dinner) with a bill of <$200 pesos at any of the see-and-be-seen joints. These are […]

Who doesn’t have a line of credit at their local steakhouse?

In a sign that Mexico has learned well from its northern neighbor about how credit is great for encouraging people to spend money they don’t have, I recently observed the below sign at a steak/pasta restaurant here in DF that is popular with the work crowd. Shoppers in the US have faced plenty of reprimands over […]

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